These are the services that we are currently offering to our customers.

Keep watching this space for more services to come.


We will no longer be doing inspections on any existing electrical installations for the issuing of Certificates of Compliance. Especially not on any properties being sold. We will however still issue CoC's for any projects requiring it or for any customer requesting it for any work performed by us. We will issue the CoC for our work and only our work. CERTIFICATES OF COMPLIANCE WILL NOT BE ISSUED ON ANY ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION OR WORK THAT HAS NOT BEEN PERFORMED BY US.


You might be renotvating your home or office. Maybe you are building some extra rooms to your house, putting  a flatlet on your property, a new or bigger garage. Perharps you are expanding your business and need to add onto your building. Or maybe you just want an extra light or socket outlet.

Whatever the case, we will be pleased to offer you a quotation with competitive pricing and we will be proud to deliver quality work with the highest of standards.




Should you be experiencing any electrical problems whether it be lights, socket outlets, geyser, stove, motors, starters etc. at home or the office, we can come and do the fault finding for you and either fix it if its something small or give a quote to fix it should it be a big job.

We do not charge a call out fee during working hours, only traveling and time spent. But should the owner accept a call out over the weekend you will be charged a standard call out fee plus traveling and time spent at Saturday or Sunday rates.



Why install a GeyserWise? It's simple, it will save you tons of money on your monthly electrical bill. With the touch of a few buttons you can control when your geyser comes on and goes off, what the temperature of the water must be, check how long your geyser has been on, manually switch on or off if you feel like it, turn holiday mode on or off etc.

Wheter it be a normal geyser installation, vaccuated tube or flat collector solar heating system or a PV solar heating system, whatever your need, we've got the GeyserWise system to match it.

Also new on the market is the GeyserWise solar swimming pool pump system to save you even more money. Within 2 to 3 years you will have got back what you spent on the pump installation in electrical bill savings.



Any general electrical maintenance on stoves, geysers, motors, lights, socket outlets etc.

Whatever maintenance you need done, we can do it and we will do it as if we are doing it for our selves. We know that you, the customer expects good value for money and we strive to provide that at all times.

Get in touch with us for any queries, some advice or quotes Let's Talk.​


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